Data Talks

Advances in technology have ensured that we deal with astronomical amounts of data in every walk of life, especially in our workplace. With an increase in the amount of input, a need has arisen to radically modify the means with which we visualize this data in order to improve the quality of our analysis. Therefore, in the present day context, Data Visualization has gained great importance. It brings patterns, trends and exceptions to light. It leverages human visual systems highly Read More

Change is the Only Constant

A new identity complete, with a new website, new logo design, and a presence on Facebook has been on the cards for some time now. Standing true to the universal truth, “Change is the only constant”, it was indeed time for change. A change in our corporate identity – a complete change. Change always starts with brainstorming and so did it at team DATAWISE. This time the task was much bigger as a new brand identity was also being designed. Read More

Transparency Rules and Trust Wins

Crossing all the hurdles and all the obstacles finally our baby is delivered! Our condition was very much similar to the mother who carries her baby for many months bearing all the pain while at the same time feeling the affection of her own child. It’s our website. This website has always been our dream. As the first blog for this website we would like to share the thoughts and the care that we underwent in each phase of development, Read More

Follow Business Ethics: Success Follows

It is always a known fact that shortcuts are many to reach the goal and people take different paths to attain success. A path without ethics also gains success but this is likely for a very short period and solely with the purpose of making a quick buck. A person entering into business of any kind need to make focus on two issues: 1. Why am I doing the business? 2. Am I building it the right way? If a Read More

I need Business Analytics…do I?

I have witnessed so many cases of data either being mis-utilized, under-utilized, or simply not being used at all that I thought that it is important for me to talk about it in this blog. Companies fail at making the best out of information which they already have. Sometimes this could be simply because during their day-to-day activities they just do not get the time to be able to review data, or perhaps they do not realize the importance of Read More
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