Transparency Rules and Trust Wins

Crossing all the hurdles and all the obstacles finally our baby is delivered! Our condition was very much similar to the mother who carries her baby for many months bearing all the pain while at the same time feeling the affection of her own child.

It’s our website. This website has always been our dream. As the first blog for this website we would like to share the thoughts and the care that we underwent in each phase of development, the delays, discussions, debates and frustrations which tried us a lot , and the hurdles which many a times made us wonder whether we should stop dreaming . So now I would take you on to a journey of those adventures.

The website started as an idea of our team. As it was too long since we started as a company, we felt that the time was ripe to launch our own website and start sharing our success and learnings with the world.

Our brain storming sessions started with lots of discussions regarding the basic theme of our website, what people would want to see in our website, what are the relevant details which should be uploaded in our website, etc. There were infinite questions and innumerous answers with a big question mark on every face as no one was sure if any of those innumerous answers were correct or not.

Defeating all the hassle we came to at least one conclusion that we want to have our website in blue color – the standard blue color of DATAWISE. This became our first idea to be associated to our website. This month was coming towards an end and still we were not able to give shape to our thought process, what after blue?

During one of the hot discussions very silently a phrase came to our mind, Blue ‘n’ Blue. This phrase was like “wow” and here we got our next color, another blue and obviously of a different shade. These two colors might not be appealing to you but once you know the thought behind using these colors you will definitely appreciate our effort. Blue as a color conveys richness and perhaps a touch of superiority but most important is that it conveys trust. It conveys courage and confidence without being somber or moody. After all, it is for nothing that blue is known as a corporate color. The bridge of trust can’t be build in a day or two but with every step forward we want to develop it more and more.

At the beginning of the next month we were fully determined that this month we have to make some crucial decisions or we should forget to have our own website. This was when we got an idea of using darts or arrows as our theme image. We reviewed various websites containing all types of arrows so that we could visualize what they convey. We thought that darts conveyed sharpness, but they also perhaps displayed arrogance, and a certainness which we did not think fitted with our thoughts. We also realized that arrow or darts typically signify growth, growth, and growth. That was certainly not what we wanted to show; after all customer relationship and their growth was a more important to us than our own. Then came designing of templates. Once again, we looked at a number of websites to see what they conveyed. We concluded that the home page should be simple, convey what we were all about and give information for anyone who wanted to go any further. We did not want to clutter it with unwanted stuff, or scare readers into believing that we were a large company.

We started with a new search not as a looser but with a new zeal of enthusiasm. Then we started pondering what we want from our clientele and what they expect from us even before starting business. This was the time when a second chain of thoughts came to us and then we decided on our new concept.

We were now very sure what we want to portray from our website. The new concept was to use ice cubes instead of arrows as our theme image. We initiated the same process again for selecting the best images. We also found that there were practically no websites with a similar theme as ours! That was something we were all very excited about – at least we would stand out for our tastes.

The cool ice cubes signify transparency and coolness; both of which are very important for any organization big or small. Transparency both in business dealings with the outside world, as well as in the way we work with each other internally. Transparency means giving you readers a crystal clear insight into our business. All our clients are welcome to see our business, our people, meet with them, talk-one-on-one or come and visit our office. We may not be the best in the world but we certainly do not have anything to hide. Being in the Service Industry, transparency and trust have to be embedded in each of our systems to ensure consistent quality service and commitment. We believe that trust and transparency are the only two factors that can ensure a strong and long lasting relationship.

It is not always the amount of business which matter but it is the amount of transparency and trust developed over the period of time. Trust can be developed over a period of time but transparency is seen with the very first interaction when you try to get an insight into our business through our website. We prefer to do business with people only when they see us to be trustworthy. Likewise, we will not do business with people who we believe are not trustworthy; and this creates a sense of security and understanding in any relationship.

So with the new horizon on 29th of June our baby was ready to open its eyes in the new world, we launched our website.

Creating a website right is no big game, but doing it in a way that conveys exactly what we want to say (and for you to see) is really a path which is much more difficult. To make our baby grow healthy we will always need your feedback. We have made our website web 2.0 enabled to make it more interactive. Our readers are our family and we would like to share our business with you. Your subscription to our RSS feed will help you know new innings of DATAWISE.

“This may seem simple, but you need to give customers what they want, not what you think they want. And, if you do this, people will keep coming back.”
– John Ilhan

We know that these are now our baby steps. We expect to receive a fair share of bouquets and brickbats; and we welcome both. Because as a baby we need to be guided, we too can develop only when we have the right feedback from all of you. And let us assure you that each of your comments will be taken up in right earnest. As our first blog this piece may be a bit long but we assure you that from next time we will KISS (Keep it short and simple).

Until next time. Ciao!


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