Our flagship Technology product – DATTAB – is a field data collection tool that enhances your ability to receive information quickly, and make accurate decisions. Dattab has been conceptualized as a platform that can enable bridging the information gap using Mobility and Cloud as technology solutions to make information collection, storage, dissemination and analysis from remote locations in a near-real time scenario. Dattab comes as a right choice for businesses to reach out to remote and poorly connected areas with electronic devices and collect information successfully and offers a host of advantages that include:

  • Saves paper and cuts cost in data collection and entry
  • Saves time in data collecting and entry; avoids redundancy of data
  • Lesser errors due to poor understanding of field executives and Illegibility in filling forms
  • High-quality data
  • Use of geo-coding, and cameras to ensure superior traceability and profiling.

DATTAB is useful for companies to understand what customers want, and to accurately target their customer needs based on the feedback, either directly from their customers, or through their own field agents. The ability to rapidly collect and address these needs is becoming important and is a reflection of an organization’s capacity to respond effectively and deepen customer relationships.

Leveraging their rich and diversified experience, DATAWISE has developed a suite of in-house products that help us take better decisions to improve operational efficiency.

  • Versatile customer satisfaction survey tool
  • Features include real-time status updates, negative alerts, audio recording, etc.
  • Methodology to measure service quality of customer servicing channels
  • Identifies gaps between expectation and behavior. Predicatively provides information of potential defectors
  • Customer segmentation tool
  • Recognizes cyclical nature of customer needs
  • Helps identify customers with greatest future revenue potential
  • Social media analytics tool in the development phase
  • Measures online effectiveness of businesses, products or services.
  • DATAWISE’ behavioral analytical model to serve the retail industry
  • Helps select the best location for expansion of retail stores, outlets, etc.


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